The London Catholic Writers’ Circle was talked about in 2014 and founded in 2015 by three Catholic friends (see below).

We are an informal group with a serious purpose, namely, to bring together Catholics who write*, to encourage one another in our writing endeavours and  – perhaps most importantly of all – to encourage Catholic writers to get their work published.

Group meetings are held in central London pubs every other month. For details as to when the next one is, see the main page of this blog. In months where there is no group meeting, members may meet up on an ad hoc basis. These meet-ups will also be advertised on this blog.

The Committee
The LWCW is an informally run group so we eschew formal titles. The Committee titles reflect this
S. Burrows – Common Sense
M. J. Mann – Delighted to be a Blog Supremo
K. V. Turley – He Knows the Best Literary Pubs to Visit

~ M J Mann

* About anything. To be a member you need only to be a Catholic who writes, not one who – for example – writes only about Catholic related matters 


One Response to The LCWC

  1. Jackie Baldwin says:

    Hi there,
    I am a Catholic who writes but lives in SW Scotland so I am unable to join you in your watering holes down in London. I have had a police procedural crime novel published featuring a DI who was formerly a practicing RC priest. The Catholics that have read it locally have loved it but I was wondering if you have any ideas where I might seek reviews from that might include a Catholic audience? I did e-mail the Catholic Herald but received no reply. The name of the book is ‘Dead Man’s Prayer’ and it was published by Killer Reads, Harper Collins on 2nd September 2016. Any advice gratefully received!


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