his eye for the sophistry of the times in which we live is keen

If you could see the Posts – Drafts page of this blog, you’d see that the link to today’s post by K. V. Turley is the last on page three. Just two more to go then we will be up to date. Today, LVT reviews a nimble collection of essays by New York priest, George William Rutler.

For three decades or more, Father George William Rutler has been an eloquent contributor to thought at the intersection—or is it the collision point?—where the secular meets with the divine. Ignatius Press has just published He Spoke to Us: Discerning God in People and Events, a collection of Fr. Rutler’s essays and talks drawn from the last few years. Many of these pieces have appeared in Crisis Magazine, where Fr. Rutler is more an institution than simply a regular columnist. Nevertheless, as he himself admits in his introductory note, essay collections are never an easy sell to publishers. In his case, I suspect, it was not so hard. His work is avidly, at times rapturously, received by an audience that has grown ever more enthusiastic about the writing and thought of this New York pastor.

Read the full review here

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