a church dedicated to her who crushes the head of the serpent

In the months since February this year I have built up a back-log of articles by LCWC co-founder, K. V. Turley. For the next month or so, I will be posting them here daily. They will be interspersed with articles on writing – I promise!

Today, KVT writes about a life that is not for the faint hearted: the satanist who became a Christian.

In 2011, at an Easter Vigil in a simple parish church in New York State, a number of souls were received into the Catholic Church. As it does every year, the ceremony moved from the darkness surrounding the Paschal Fire through the many readings from the Old and New Testament to the proclamation of the triumph of the Resurrection – reminding all present that the long reign of Sin and Death has finally ended. On that night, those adults becoming Catholics made their baptismal promises. They accepted the Truths of the Faith. They rejected Satan and all his works and all his empty promises.

It is right and fitting that they did so, but for one among them it had an even greater significance than for the others present that night. Previously, he had been part of a witch’s coven. For many years, he had practiced its blasphemous rites, and seen things that he maintains could only have come from Hell as that is whence he had summoned them.

Read the full post here

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