prayer is absolutely fundamental

This might have been just a good interview, but the Q and A I have quoted below make it an essential one. K. V. Turley interviews Michael D. O’Brien for Catholic World Report.

Michael D. O’Brien has been working as an iconographer, painter, and writer for nearly fifty years. He is the popular author of over two dozen books, including several best-selling novels such as Father Elijah, Elijah in Jerusalem, The Father’s Tale, Eclipse of the Sun, Sophia House, Theophilos, and Island ofthe World, all published by Ignatius Press. His novels have now been published in fourteen languages and have been widely reviewed in both secular and religious media in North America and Europe.


CWR: Have you ever suffered writer’s block?

O’Brien: Yes, twice during the past forty years, if I recall correctly. It was very disturbing to me at the time, but in retrospect I understand how essential that experience was. The longest period was about three weeks. I went to my studio every day, and prayed, read Scripture, allowed myself to feel my own personal emptiness, and to keep asking for the graces needed for completion of the works in question. This helped me understand the value of interior silence and the crucial role of grace. It taught me to wait, rather than rushing into text my endless opinions and imaginings. Then when the time was right the flow resumed and took a far better form.

Read the full interview here

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