There’s a story about a tortoise and a hare

How to write after a long break – post three of three. What I really liked about this post by Daphne Grey-Grant is its determined gentleness. Do just a little, piece by piece; it’s okay. Very wise.

One of my clients is a successful novelist. She has a high-profile, New-York-based agent, and has already had one of her books published, to critical acclaim. Now, she’s under contract to write another one. I worked with her, briefly, when she felt bogged down with writer’s block, and I helped get her back on track. I take little credit for this. She’s a hard worker, and very bright.

I still check in with her from time to time to see how her book is doing. Mostly, she tells me that it’s going well and that it’s just a question of putting in the hours. But, she emailed me this week to tell me her dad had died. “I’m okay, but totally stalled on the book,” she wrote. “Would love your advice.”

Read Daphne Gray-Grant’s advice here

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