someone reported “him” to the police as a vagrant

The “Homeless Jesus” statue and the New Evangelisation (Catholic World Report)

K. V. Turley LCWC on a statue that is not what it seems… or is it?

Occasionally an artist emerges who is very much of his time and whose art is yet somehow timeless. One such artist working today has met with wide acclaim, which is all the more surprising given that the art in question is overtly Christian. The artist’s name is Tim Schmalz.

One day, Schmalz was driving through the downtown streets of Toronto. It was a day like any other: busy people, shoppers, workers going about their business with their own concerns, their own preoccupations, their own lives. The young sculptor was doing the same, but this day was to change his professional life. In the middle of the hustle and bustle he saw something, which turned out to be someone. A homeless man lying on a bench, covered in a blanket as the world hurried past. Schmalz was transfixed by this scene. It sparked a conversion…

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