We have nowhere else to go

K. V. Turley in Crisis Magazine on a brave attempt to record the persecution of Christians under the black flag of ISIS.

A young boy, 10 years old or so, faces the camera.

Like many young boys he is happy to be interviewed.

This is war-torn Iraq, however, so he tells of the day ISIS came to his village. What took place, horror after horror, he starts to recount. It is hard to accept that one so young has already seen so much evil. Gradually, his urgent retelling of what happened slows and he breaks down. It is hard to watch as the tears flow down his cheeks. He tries to stem them, brushing them away … but to no avail. His grief is too great. He is now talking to himself as much as to the camera. He talks of when he used to go to school, ride his bicycle and play soccer with his friends—the normal things of a once happy childhood. He stops. Again, he looks at the camera, finishing with the lament of someone much older and the words: Now all that is gone…

Read the full review here

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