the body he seeks…

At Catholic Exchange K. V. Turley LCWC reviews the film Risen. What exactly happened after the crucifixion? A Roman soldier is ordered to find out…

Aimed at the faith community, but with an eye to the mainstream, Risen has just been released by Sony Pictures.

First off the plot: we are in Palestine in AD 33. We meet a Roman Tribune, Clavius (played by Joseph Fiennes), wandering in the Judean Desert. He stops at a tavern and orders some food. Thereafter, in flash back, his story is revealed.

Arriving back in Jerusalem from fighting Zealots, we find him commanding a Roman garrison under pressure from many sides in the seemingly endless religious arguments of the city’s Jews. Clavius meets with Pilate, the Province’s irritable Governor. The latter has lost all patience with religious sectarianism, wondering why the Jews can’t take a more pragmatic view of divinity and like the Romans have many gods. Nevertheless, the Governor is still haunted by the encounter with the man, known as ‘the Nazarene’, and whom he has just sent to his death at the behest of a baying mob. He asks Clavius to ensure that that crucifixion goes according to plan and that there is no more talk of this ‘Nazarene’, and, more importantly still, that the dead man’s body is securely disposed of. This is not least because Pilate is still plagued with deputations from the Sanhedrin who are obsessed with fears that the body will be taken and used for propaganda purposes. Thereafter, we watch as the Tribune wearily heads to Calvary…

Read the full review here

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