A fitting final testament both of the man and to [his] struggle

From Catholic Exchange, K. V. Turley reviews The Exorcist’s Last Testament.

When I saw the headline, I knew to whom it referred. The death of a priest is rarely reported in the secular media. When it had the rider ‘world famous exorcist’, it could only refer to Father Gabriele Amorth.

In 1999, Ignatius Press published an English Version of the Italian Un escorista raconta. Translated under the title An Exorcist Tells His Story, it became an instant bestseller. It has remained so. The reason for the book’s publication, as stated by the author, was a simple one: there were so few books available on the subject of exorcism and this was to fill the gap. Since it appeared, the book has taught many about exorcism, not least priests; it has also helped refocus attention on this aspect of priestly ministry, which for some, like Amorth, is a calling within a calling.

When that earlier book appeared, Western society had all but forgotten that Satan existed…

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