Revealing Hidden Secrets

Writing in the Catholic Exchange, K. V. Turley discusses Guadalupe Mysteries: Deciphering the Code, a book about what appears to be a holy matryoshka; a mystery within a mystery within…

In the centre of one of the most populous cities on earth there stands a shrine.

It has stood there for centuries holding within it a mysterious fabric.

It is a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe and each year it draws millions on pilgrimage. Many reading this, I expect, will be familiar with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is well-known, increasingly visible in churches throughout the Catholic world, and used by the Pro-life movement; it has for some, however, become commonplace, a pious image among many. Having just read Guadalupe Mysteries: Deciphering the Code by Gazegorz Gorny and Janusz Rosikon, I suggest we all need to think again.

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