the pressure never ends

Continuing the theme of writing and tiredness, Paperback Writer discusses fighting fatigue. This post is from 2010 but thematically is timeless. I found it a very worthwhile read. I hope you do, too.

It’s not unusual for writers to be stressed out — it’s kind of an occupational hazard — but lately I’ve noticed some unusual signs of fatigue popping up around the blogosphere. It’s not just people neglecting their blogs or virtually disappearing for weeks at a time, either (that I blame on Twitter.) I’ve noticed regular comments by folks out there in NetPubLand who mention being tired or just plain sound tired. A lot.

I can sympathize. At the moment I’m trying to kill a deadline after an insanely busy release week and two separate huge family events, and frankly? I’m wiped. I’d like nothing better than to put up one of my “Off to Write” posts, unplug and hole up in my writing space until this novel is out of here. I can even see myself coming back from the post office to collapse on the nearest horizontal surface and not move until the moon enters a new phase.

Can’t do it.

Read the full post here

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