like some fabled land

So, walking and thinking… an author and her walks… walking and nature… walking in the footsteps of a great writer… what does it all mean?

Well, walking and writing is on my mind because tomorrow, I am taking part in a walk from Kensington, London to Beaconsfield in honour of G. K. Chesterton.

Chesterton was baptised in Kensington and is buried in Beaconsfield. The walk is about 26 miles in length. This year is my third go at it. I finished in bad shape two years ago, and in good shape last year. How will it go this year?

For more information about the walk, visit the Facebook page here or the walk’s homepage here. K. V. Turley wrote about the walk in 2014:

Just before 8 am, on July 30, 2014, I made my way to a church in Kensington, London. As I drew nearer I saw smoke rising, and, nearer still, found a young man puffing on a fat cigar. It was then I knew I had arrived at the right place.

I had come to join the Catholic G.K. Chesterton Society’s annual pilgrimage, now in its fourth year. This consisted of a trek from the center of London, beginning at the church Chesterton was baptized in, to the place he now lies buried, some 30 or so miles away in the country town of Beaconsfield. The young man greeted me with a smile as I sat down and waited for others to join us. That said, there was no telling who was going to turn up. On its inaugural outing, the walk consisted of only two people, one of whom was the organizer, Stuart McCullough. So, if nothing else, having spoken to him earlier that week, I was expecting at least one other to arrive. He had better, I thought, as he had the route map.

Read his full article here

The organiser of the walk is Stuart McCullough. He works and is walking to raise money for the Good Counsel Network. Say the Chesterton prayer for an end to abortion.

G. K. Chesterton – Ora Pro Nobis

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