Belloc’s Path to Rome

On this day in 1901, Hilaire Belloc arrived in Rome after walking in as direct a line as possible from Toul in eastern France. In the Peaks of Europe – The Secret of “The Path to Rome” gives what The Hilaire Belloc blog describes as ‘the best chronological analysis of the The Path to Rome that I have encountered’. It is indeed very good. I commend Belloc’s book and this blog post to you.

Hilaire Belloc wrote this travelogue of his journey, all on foot, which started in Toul (where he had once been an artilleryman in the French Army) progressed through Switzerland and ended in Rome.

En route Belloc provides us with witty and astute observations on the villages, towns, and
people he encountered on his gruelling pilgrimage before the First World War.

When Hilaire Belloc arrived in Milan by train on Sunday the 16th of June 1901 all was not going well on his historic 750 mile walking pilgrimage to Rome (his personal act of ultramontanism). He was only half-way and had run out of money.

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