And then it starts aaaaall over again

Paper Fury‘s writing style took some getting used to – I read My 1st Draft Writing Process early this morning and her use of language is far too awake for such an early hour – but I just about managed it and can assert that this post is a gem. Do read it. I feel that the author is one step away from turning into Laurence Sterne and half a step away from becoming Bridget Jones and it s very fun to read. Plus, there is #advice

As you may have heard, I wrote 98,000 words in 5 days.* This is not quite the average feat for me…or probably anyone. Except maybe writers who live in Antartica and have nothing to do except avoid icicles and polar bears so just stay indoors and write all day. ** But it’s now my new personal writing best. OH! And the good news is: I keep smashing my personal best goals so pretty soon I’ll be finishing writing before I start! HOW DREADFULLY WONDERFUL.

Today I’m sharing three things: a) an outline of my day when I’m binge writing, ergo b) basically my first-draft writing process, and oh yes; c) snippets.

EXCITING, IS IT NOT? *** (Shhh, it is.)

Read the full post here

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