Blogging Bloggger & WordPress: Which is Better?

Blogger and WordPress are the two dominant blogging platforms. Both have a great deal to commend them… and, more likely than not, reason enough to make you wish you were on the other platform as well.

Which one suits you will very much depend on what type of blog you have.

For this post, we present two arguments – one that answers the headline question in favour of WordPress, and one which answers in favour of Blogger.

First up is WPBeginner. As you might guess from their title, they are on WordPress’s side. Their argument contains the following headings:

1. Ownership
2. Control
3. Appearance
4. Portability
5. Security
6. Support
7. Future

Read the article here

Now we turn to Street Directory for its input. This time, in favour of Blogger. Its headings are,

1. Integrated Login with Your Google Account
2. Backed up by Google
3. Change Visual Appearance and Code of Templates
4. Indexing Time
5. Ease of Use
6. Integration of Multiple Accounts
7. Massive Blogging Network

Read the article here

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