people curious about Catholicism want to see the bumps and potholes

Article Source: National Catholic Register

Think you have little to give as a Catholic?

Think you have less to give to give as a Catholic writer?

Don’t fool yourself – In the Thick of Things: Of Graham Greene, the Gospels and Evangelization is a very interesting article indeed on how your story, as chequered as it may be, is worth telling to non-Catholics. In fact, it is that very chequeredness that makes it so valuable.

It was the end of finals week at the evangelical college where I work, and P.J. stopped by to say hello. “I just got done with my class on British apologists – you would’ve liked it,” he said. Like most of my students, P.J. is a Protestant, and we’d had friendly conversations the past year regarding theology and the Church. “The class read several Catholics – like G.K. Chesterton” (no surprise there) “and Graham Greene.”

Whoa, I thought, back up. Graham Greene and apologetics? It was a pairing that raised more than a few questions, for Greene was certainly not a conventional Catholic, let alone a defender of the Faith. In fact, he famously referred to himself as a “Catholic agnostic.” I probed a bit for answers.

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