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Catholic authors help us accept frustrations in the world of faith is very interesting article by Bill Tammeus at the National Catholic Reporter. It has left me wanting to learn more about about Makoto Fujimura’s and Shusaku Endo’s books. What do you think?

From the perspective of North American Christianity, it’s easy to forget that Christians elsewhere may see both culture and theology differently.

NCR‘s Tom Fox reminded us about that in his insightful 2002 book Pentecost in Asia: A New Way of Being Church.

The shape of world Christianity has continued to change since then, and today North America and Europe have become minority voices within the faith. Christianity is growing in Asia, Africa and the Global South, but the future of the faith is not in New England, the Pacific Northwest or the Bible Belt.

A new book has helped me see some of this more clearly as it also reminded me how much we owe to some spectacular Catholic authors.

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  1. Bill Tammeus says:

    Thanks for the comments about my column.


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