Train yourself to write by writing every day

Caroline Lawrence, writer of the Roman Mysteries and P. K. Pinkerton detective series shares her Writing Tips on her Roman Mysteries website. Lots of good advice. My favourite tip was V. After you have written your work read it out aloud to yourself. I try to do this for my blog and never regret it when I do.

People often ask me for writing tips. I am happy to share the following, knowing that a thousand people could use the same tips and come up with a thousand completely different stories. Each of us is unique and our own experience and range of interests means our story will be like nobody else’s.

I. Who?
II. Where?
III. What?
The Seven Plot Beats
(If anything can be essential reading, this part of the post is)
The Plan
The Battle
New Level
IV. Add depth and texture
V. Self Edit
My Biggest Tip

Read Caroline Lawrence’s full post here

By the Way, Lawrence is very active and friendly on Twitter. You can find here @Carolinelawrenc

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