the makings of a good story

Welcome to our fiftieth post! In this post, we are looking at The Art of Storytelling: Finding Your Story courtesy of a web page dedicated to a short film titled Because of Mama hosted by Dartmouth University in the USA.

As you will see when you click on the link, The Art of Storytelling contains several pages, all of which cover various aspects of the storytelling art. Do read the other pages if you can. I found all them all to include interesting and worthwhile advice and suggestions.

All good stories have a few elements in common: they contain interesting characters, who are involved in dramatic situations, and they all have a point, or a controlling idea. No one will be enthralled by a story that lacks these key elements.

    If you are visiting this Web site, you are, for one reason or another, compelled to tell a story. You may already have a sense of what makes a good story, but you may not be sure where to start when crafting a story of your own. Do you start with an interesting character? A dramatic moment? An intriguing idea?

Read the full post here

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