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Up to now this blog has focused on publicising advice on how to write. The ultimate aim of the London Catholic Writers’ Circle is to help you write well and get published. We think there is a space for Catholic writers out there, and perhaps even a need.

However, we have to admit, it is quite possible that not every Catholic writer wants to be published. Not yet. Maybe not at all. The LCWC blog would like to cater for anyone in this position as well.

As a first step in that direction, this post is going to promote another form of writing: blogging.

From The Guardian, Top tips for a successful blog:

With so many amazing arts, heritage and creative blogs out there already, how do you make yours stand out? How do you get people returning for more, and how do you increase visitor numbers and build a loyal following?

There are plenty of tips and tricks to get your own creative blog rocking and therefore raising your profile and helping you to win more business. Here’s my top 20 tips for a successful creative blog…

Read the full blog post here.

This writer has been blogging since the mid 00s. If I may, I’d like to make a few comments on what Katy Cowan says.

Getting Started I use WordPress for my main blog, The Second Achilles. I love its feel and look. I would definitely recommend it to you.
Find a niche So, so true. My Second Achilles blog, which focuses on Alexander the Great, has been much more successful than my other, more general, literary blogs.
Write about what you love This should not need saying but perhaps its obviousness makes us forget it? It is definitely true, though.
Offer value This is a great challenge, for you will only be able to offer value if you put in the work. That means being prepared to research your posts. Be prepared to write a post and then, after an hour or two’s work, reject it as it just doesn’t hit the mark.
Focus on marketing I have to admit I am terrible at this. This point is a reminder to me to put myself out there!
Don’t worry about negativity When one gets negative comments one has to be strong, firstly not to lash out; secondly, not to cry. Cowan notes that negative comments are rare. That has certainly been my experience. However, I wonder if they are more likely on political blogs, or religious ones.
Keep it regular Yes! My blog only got going when I started posting regularly.

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