Engaging With the Classics

M. J. Mann LCWC (being the writer of these words) has been blogging! Here are his latest posts

… on Alexander the Great The Council of Zeleia

Alexander crossed into Asia Minor in May 334 BC. Later that month, or in early June, he fought his first great battle of the expedition against a Persian satrapal army at the Granicus River.

While the Macedonian king was busy claiming Arisbe and the other cities in the area, the local Persian commanders met in Zeleia, a city to the east of the Grancius.

There, they held a council. The one question on their lips was this: how was Alexander to be opposed? The commanders all advocated war.

Only one person, Memnon of Rhodes advised against this.

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and on Thinking about C. S. Lewis at his arts blog:

Today, C. S. Lewis is most widely known as the author of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe but as well as The Chronicles of Narnia he wrote numerous books of fiction, literary criticism and Christian apologetics.

The Lewis that is on my mind at the moment, however, is not the Lewis specifically of literature or faith but simply Lewis the thinker.

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