The Chilling Cost of Being A Writer

Source: Writer’s Digest
In this post from 2013, Jane Myers Perrine shares some hard but helpful truths about writing*. It isn’t for the faint hearted…

I grew up in a dysfunctional family. Chances are many of you did, too. My family’s main dysfunction was that we were not allowed to express negative emotions. We could smile or not, laugh or be quiet but we could never show anger. Never. Confrontation was bad. Expressing pain or disappointment was frowned upon. Is it any wonder that I grew up with no idea how I felt about anything?


Writer Sharon Sala teaches a workshop on how to express emotion. Her advice sounded easy but opened a new world to me: to convey the emotions your characters feel, dig deep inside yourself, find those emotions you may not have allowed yourself to show before. Remember the time you were saddest or deeply devastated or very happy and imbue your characters with what you felt.


Read the full post here

* It isn’t totally clear from the blog post but it appears that the post was derived from an interview with Myers Perrine by Chuck Sambuchino

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