NaNoWriMo: He Who Dares Keeps Writing

This October LCWC are entering a team into the writing equivalent of the Tour de France – National Novel Writing Month. Check out the website:

Do you wish to be considered for Team LCWC? Are you up for the challenge? Definitely not for the faint hearted.

While you’re thinking it over, here are some threads and links on nanowrimo that may be of interest and give you some idea of the range of the 300k + that take part.

Some NaNoWriMo Catholic/Christian, and Pro-Life Threads:

Catholic Writers: The View from Holy Wisdom Look-out, i.e., this thread we’re on right now – thread for the Camp Cabin

One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Wrimos – – This is the main Catholic thread, under Writing Groups and Clubs.

Writing a Catholic novel

Christian Wrimos –

If you write Christian fiction

Catholic Science Fiction? –

Christian Science Fiction and/or Fantasy –

HolyWorlders –
(Holy Worlds is also a Christian science fiction and fantasy site of its own.)

Forever Pro-Life:

~ Malcolm

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