Say ‘Fiat’ and be Astounded

Leslea Wahl, author of The Perfect Blindside, has written a short post on how she came to write her first novel. It is interesting to see that though she ‘always enjoyed writing’ she never considered writing a book; until, that is, a certain Someone showed her the way.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. For as long as I can remember I have been a creator of stories and have had ideas swirling through my head. Though I liked writing, I didn’t really pursue it. For years I followed other interests, but I was always drawn to writing. When I worked I wrote articles for in-house publications. I contributed to newsletters for organizations I volunteered with. I wrote summer learning sessions for my kids. I even created stories that I shared with my children. But I never thought about writing a whole novel or imagined I would write for teens.

But as so often happens, God had a different idea.

Read the full post here

Visit Leslea Wahl’s blog here

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One Response to Say ‘Fiat’ and be Astounded

  1. Maz says:

    i loved reading how Leslea came to write her book and that she trusted God and felt directed by Him. I have wanted to find some way to write with more of an emphasis on my Faith, but haven’t been able to yet.


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