Post-apocalyptic crustaceans inventing tools

From The Guardian: If you thought writing a novel in thirty days was extreme, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet… yesterday, fifty very hardy men and women met to write a book in just over an hour…!

** The London Catholic Writers’ Circle is hoping to enter a team into the NaNoWriMo writing race in November. Further details will be given closer to the time!**

~ Malcolm

Every year, writers across the world struggle through the month of November to hit a seemingly impossible target: write a whole novel in 30 days. But National Novel Writing Month – or NaNoWriMo, as it’s known – will shortly look like child’s play, because on Saturday 8 August, science-fiction author Chris Farnell will lead “NaNoSessionMo”: an attempt to write an entire novel in 75 minutes.

The idea is simple: the fifty or so attendees of the panel will spend about 45 minutes collaboratively hammering out a plot, characters and structure. Then, for the next half an hour, each of them will be given one chapter to write, and the results will be collected together, lightly edited, and published as a free ebook.

Read the full article here

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