our Hope, our Seat of Wisdom, and a mighty Queen indeed

Source: National Catholic Register

K. V. Turley visits the Russian Revolution exhibition at the British Museum and finds a secret history…

Recently, London’s British Library concluded its five-month exhibition: Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy and Myths. I was handed a free ticket and went along, and quickly found myself dismayed at the myths peddled yet again, the real tragedy still ignored.

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the ancient words began to be spoken

Source: National Catholic Register

What the Reformation took away, the Lord and the kindness of a family gave back. K. V. Turley attends a Mass at Walsingham.

If you have ever visited Walsingham, England’s National Marian Shrine, you may have seen the poignant sight of a ruined friary standing upon a small hill just outside the village. It forms part of a private property now, and so is not normally accessible to the public.

At the entrance gate, one July day, there stood a figure dressed in dark gray, a member of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual, more commonly known as Grey Friars. This was the order that used to live and worship at the Walsingham Friary centuries earlier.

The Grey Friar in question was Fr. James Mary. Each day of his Walsingham pilgrimage, he would stand at the gate that leads to the ruins.

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our faith is one in a loving Father who has a plan for each soul

Source: N. C. Register

K. V. Turley writes on the only star sign that really matters… that of Bethlehem.

Pope Francis spoke out recently about those who place their trust in astrology and fortune-telling.

It is a mark of the times when religious belief seems to be on the decline and churches are closing but such superstitions persist. And persist they do. Just today, while walking back from Holy Mass, I noticed a sign in a seemingly reputable ladies’ hairdressing salon: ‘TAROT CARD READINGS WHILE YOU WAIT’. Presumably, this enticement is to find out more than simply if anyone will like your new look.

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a secluded place where I am not far from a tabernacle

Source: The Creative Catholic

In this article, K. V. Turley interviews writer and theologian, Dawn Eden Goldstein.

My father has always spoken of the power of the written word, but it was only when I became an author that I understood what he meant. Books change lives. It is a great blessing to be given the opportunity to touch the lives of readers, and I don’t ever want to take that for granted.

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all there gathered around a Mother?

Source: N C Register

We come to the end of the Turley trail. After this post, the London Catholic Writers Circle blog will return to being what it was intended to be from the beginning: a blog to help you write. We will see K. V. Turley’s articles, as well as those of other good Catholic writers but the emphasis will return to writing. Today, however, we join KVT at Walsingham, in the company of Anglican processors and Protestant protesters.

In the east of England lies its National Marian Shrine, Walsingham. From the Middle Ages it was a place of pilgrimage until Henry VIII suppressed the shrine. Forgotten for centuries, it was restored in the 20th Century. Today, it is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics, Anglicans and Orthodox Christians.

Walsingham boasts not one shrine but two – Catholic and Anglican. Despite ecumenical relations, each shrine, needless to say, attracts different pilgrims. It is the Anglican presence, however, which attracts the most vociferous opposition. A number come each year to protest. They must do so; after all, they are Protestants.

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what lasts is love, goodness, relationships to God and to other people

Source: Catholic World Report

K. V. Turley as CWR interviews Catholic journalist and writer Joanna Bogle.

CWR: What do you understand by the writer’s vocation?

Bogle: Truth. Nothing is more important than writing truthfully. Fiction can be connected with truth, too—the truth about human beings, the truth about God and people and relationships—things as they really are.

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Visit Joanna Bogle’s blog here

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his eyes were on an altogether greater prize

Source: The Catholic Herald

K. V. Turley on Fr. Willie Doyle, a priest of the trenches.

Like so many caught up in the conflict that came to be known as the Great War, Fr Willie Doyle was buried where he fell, without a marker, just another casualty among millions. He might have been forgotten; however, it proved not to be the case.

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